Terms & conditions

This is an online art project called Language is a Virus wholly owned by Bobbi Kozinuk appearing as a website under all variations of www.kozinuk.ca and www.kozinuk.com (‘this website’, ‘website’).

By continuing to use or contribute to this website, all users hereby give consent to the following:

  1. All content and all media contributed to this online art project is wholly owned by Bobbi Kozinuk.
  2. All copyright and intellectual property rights to the content of this website is wholly owned by Bobbi Kozinuk.
  3. Anyone contributing to the website hereby agrees to take part in the Language is a Virus online artist project owned by Bobbi Kozinuk.
  4. Any contribution or information given in the process of the creation of content for this project will be anonymous.
  5. No identifying information about the people contributing to the website is retained by this website or the owners of the website.
  6. If users have any concerns regarding content contributed to this project, they can contact the website owners through the Contact form on the website www.kozinuk.ca.
  7. Any content contributed by persons other than Bobbi Kozinuk express the opinions of the contributor and not deemed to be shared by Bobbi Kozinuk.
  8. Contributions made to this website may be edited, shortened, distorted or otherwise manipulated by Bobbi Kozinuk as part of the artwork.
  9. Contributing content to this website does not guarantee inclusion in the final project.
  10. Contributions made to the project may be transferred and used in other formats eg. printed, transcribed, translated, moved, archived and be part of any other storage or distribution method as determined by Bobbi Kozinuk.
  11. All contributions will be presented anonymously (not tied back to a contributor's name or details).
  12. All contributions may be categorised according to any of the following: gender, age, family status, social group, ethnicity or any other grouping.
  13. Contributors have no copyright over their contributions, including excerpts, quotations or portions thereof.
  14. By continuing to use or contribute to this website, all users hereby give consent to the points above.