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To contribute your own voice, enter your name below and you will be prompted to choose a centre to locate your story to. Then, pick from the list of theme tags that relate to what you want to say and consider the prompt questions. (You don’t have to answer any of questions in the prompt, they are just suggestions to get you thinking.) Next, record your story on your mobile phone, zoom recorder, microphone or whatever device you have access to. 

The contributions don’t have to be stories, they could also be thoughts, songs, rambles, rants or anything you can think of that relates to the project and tagged topics. Don’t be afraid to share- all kinds of sonic responses are welcomed and accepted!

When you are finished recording, upload your file (.mp3, .mp4, .wav) and submit it below. It will take up to three days for your file to be processed by the moderation team. After this, you can listen back to the broadcast of the community centre you selected to hear it included! It will also be included in any of the themes that it addresses.