Sheila Urbanoski

Artist / Project Manager

Sheila Urbanoski left the Saskatchewan farm for a pretty successful career as a painter, video artist and indifferent academic. She was a founder and Board member of various artist-run, advocacy groups and charities on the Prairies and nationally in Canada while developing her own media and performance practice. Sheila was always a friend to computers and was a very *very* early adopter of the web as an avenue of artistic expression. Her often challenging digital and online work has won numerous awards and grants, and exhibited world wide IRL and online. She has worked with some of the biggest digital agencies in the world through which she has received numerous industry awards in Europe. She moved to the Big Smoke ages ago and continues to cause a ruckus online whenever possible. Although lately technology is in the foreground, art is always in the background and she continues to meld the two disciplines in her career.

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